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Bridging user research with design thinking

I have over 12 years designing products and services. My methodologies focus on user research and behavioral insights. User-centered insights are fundamental to creating innovative products and services. As a design director and manager I engage my team and coworkers through design facilitation, collaboration, and hands-on participation.

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User Experience
Strategy Director

I've worked in both fast paced startups such as GrubHub as well as on multi-touchpoint projects for complex enterprises like Google, TransUnion, McDonald’s, and Motorola. My approach to design leadership is to educate and work with organizations to implement custom design processes which build a focus on strategy.

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Cofounder of

Designation started as a evening school renting a room from a local agency. Within six months we secured our own offices and pivoted into a 12 week full time bootcamp where students would spend six days a week learning design. Since then we worked with the incubator 1871 and then moved into the WeWork family to be able to provide a 24 week program for people looking to accelerate their design careers.

Over 500 students have graduated from the program. 95.9% of our students get design job within 6 months and increase their salaries by 62%. In August 2018 we were acquired by WeWork.


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Passion Projects

For the last year I’ve been co-organizing the 2018 Midwest UX conference which took place October 11–13, 2018 for 625 attendees. In 2014 I founded the HCD Meetup whose goal is to connect designers to a wider range of human-centered disciplines such as behavioral economics, anthropology, psychology, and hospitality. Outside of design I’ve been developing original cocktail concepts, building a home bar with seasonal menus, and working on a mini photography studio at home.

HCD Book Club: Meetup Group for Designers

HCD Book Club: Meetup Group for Designers

MWUX 2018: Organizing Committee Member

MWUX 2018: Organizing Committee Member

Dash Dash Cocktails: Recipes & Photography

Dash Dash Cocktails: Recipes & Photography