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Here you can find most of my what I’m doing around the Web. All of my series of tubes point here—at least the tubes with feeds.

I posted to vimeo.com

...good thing you love your coffee

An entry to dawn and drew film fest for Cinema Macrbre.

Edited using iMovie 06 and GarageBand 08. Shot with Sam's Panasonic HDC-SD1.

I personally didn't do anything with the filming or concept, just the quick edits, music, and titles.

Cast: Zeke Franco


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I posted to quasarkitten.net

Leopard Release

The Leopard release was pretty neat. It was the first time I’ve ever waited in line for a product. In fact I wasn’t even there to get Leopard—I had already pre-ordered it. I was just there for the free t-shirt. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera, so the only pics I took was with my razr; which sucks. I’ll be getting an iPhone when it has 3G wireless internet support. Anyways I had a pretty good time, I met a few people, and most importantly I got my free t-shirt. The one question I have is where are all the ‘Justin Long’-looking Mac people? We all look like a bunch of dorks. heehee. Maybe all the ‘cool’ people were in the back…

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