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Here you can find most of my what I’m doing around the Web. All of my series of tubes point here—at least the tubes with feeds.

I posted to quasarkitten.net

Disable CSS Styles: Quick Tip

If you have been using the Web Developer Toolbar since at least Firefox version 2 then you probably have learned some of the keyboard shortcuts to activate some of it’s features. My favorite keyboard shortcut was Command + Shift + S. This shortcut disables the CSS on a page so you can take a look at how the HTML is render by the browser.

Web Developer Toolbar and Delicious Add-on

The problem I had is when I upgraded to Firefox 3. More accurately the problem lies with the del.icio.us add-on that was updated for Firefox 3. This add-on has the same keyboard shortcut assigned to opening the delicious bookmarks sidebar. It was really bugging me so here is how you change the keyboard shortcut in the delicious add-on.

Go to Tools → Delicious Options. Select the Keyboard shortcuts tab. Near the bottom of this window You see an option called Bookmarks Sidebar with options to change the shortcut. Change the shortcut to whatever you’d like. I changed mine to Command + Shift + D. On my system it didn’t have any thing already assigned to that keyboard shortcut. Then just press the Restart Now button and your done. quasarkitten.net | twitter.com/quasarkitten


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I posted to vimeo.com


ADOPTED! Stubs was adopted on 7/25/08.


Stubs is a one year old female spayed Siamese mix looking for a forever home. Her previous owners moved and left her homeless and she was taken in by us as a foster. Stubs is a very affectionate and people oriented cat who also gets along with other cats and dogs. She is a very confident and a bit feisty, but a complete cuddle bug. Her favorite activity is to cuddle up next to you on the bed or couch. Her favorite toy is the feather toys on a long handle. She is litter box trained, spayed, vaccinated, and keeps herself very well groomed. She does well with other cats, dogs, adults and older children. Cast: Zeke Franco


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