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Here you can find most of my what I’m doing around the Web. All of my series of tubes point here—at least the tubes with feeds.

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Before You Plan Your Product Roadmap

Pairing with BAs and UX research UX designer should use analytics and qualitative data to get clients and product managers to start thinking about "features" in terms of use. With a goal to reframe and map feature sets to behavior the business wants to influence and benefits that are created for their users.

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I ♥ this article on instapaper.com

What VirginAmerica.com Teaches About User Experience: Next To Nothing

Excerpt: “What are the core components of a good User Experience in 2014 and beyond?” Drew Davidson of ÄKTA sums it up with six components: clear structure, on-time information, minimum relevant choices, smart data, user engagement, and user progression.

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