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How to Properly Clean a Mighty Mouse.


I recently had a problem with my scroll ball on my wireless mighty mouse. I couldn’t scroll down so I did a google search to see if others were having this problem and I found an apple support page that describes how to properly clean the scroll ball. This page also links to a video which shows how to do this. This is pretty obvious, but I’d thought I’d post it anyways. Apple’s Support doc The method described by apple’s support page did work for me, but I think it is very annoying that after most of us have made the transition away from ball mice to optical or laser mice Apple brings out a scroll wheel that is a BALL, so now I stuck cleaning out the scroll ball.I do like the mouse and the main reason I bought it was that it is nice to have a bluetooth mouse that I can pack along with my macbook. I know their are others, but this seemed like the best choice for me. I wish the Logitech MX Revolution was made in bluetooth, I’d love to have that mouse. They do make the Logitech V270 Cordless Optical Notebook Mouse for Bluetooth , but it isn’t nearly as feature rich as the mx rev, and not as sleek as the mighty mouse. I really do like the mouse though, the 360 scroll ball is great for Google Earth, Photoshop, iMovie. One thing I really like about the mouse is the fourth ‘button’—the one that you squeeze. I have set this button up that if I squeeze it, I get Exposé, F9, that shows all the open windows. I’ve added modifier keys to this so if I hold down the cmd key instead I get the show desktop function of Exposé. The opt plus the fourth button will activate Exposé’s show all window from the particular app your working in, F10. And lastly if I hold down the opt and the cmd keys it will activate the Dashboard, F12.

Broken Scroll Ball Update 10/12/07: About two months after I wrote this post my scroll ball died. I went to the Genius Bar and they tried to clean it, but nothing worked so they gave me a new one. Three months later the same thing happened with the new mouse. So now I’m on my third Mighty Mouse. The guys at the Genius Bar said they haven’t seen this problem before, so I’m not sure why the scroll ball keeps breaking. My best guess would be, because I have sweaty-ish hands… Now even though it sucks that I’m on my third mouse I have admit that Apple’s service has been great. Both times I was at the Genius Bar, it only took five minutes to get a new mouse. The best thing about the exchange is that when ever I get a new mouse it comes with a brand new warranty. Most companies only honor the product until the initial year is finished. i.e. If you exchange the product after eight months of ownership most companies will only cover the new product for an additional four months. The only time they deviate from this is when your warranty has less than 90 days left, then by default they usually always give you 90 days. Apple gives you a full one year, even if you had the product for 364 days. Now I’m pretty sure they don’t do this with computers, but I always buy AppleCare.

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