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Forgiven Old Fashioned


78% 6yr bourbon and 22% 4yr rye. It’s 91 Proof. I generally don’t use “special” bourbons or ryes for an Old Fashioned, but since it’s Old Fashioned Week I wanted to put together something that was a unique. This is a simple recipe since the Wild Turkey is meant to be the star.

• 2oz Wild Turkey Forgiven • 10ml Bourbon Barrel Aged 100% Maple Syrup • 3 Dashes of Angostura Bitters • 1 Dash of Orange Bitters • Orange Peel. Oils of < 1in expressed into glass and rubbed on rim. • Large Ice Cube

I prefer to stir my old fashioned in a separate prechilled glass; this keeps the large ice cube from cracking when you pour the cocktail into the rocks glass. I stir mine half as long as a normal stirred cocktail like a Manhattan or Negroni. So about 15-20 revolutions. I enjoy to taste the spirit upfront then after a few sips and minutes the dilution is perfect and by the end of the drink it’s not watered down.