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The Great Discontent: Jeffrey Veen


Excerpts: “It was interesting [working for an agency] because there was a breadth of problems to solve, but I never fully solved them; I never fully owned the problems I was working on. It’s a different thing to shape an idea, build a team around it, gain an audience, spend time getting to know your users, and grow a community—that takes time. No one is going to hire a consultant for three years to pull something like that off.”

“I am hesitant to say, “Follow your passion,” because I don’t believe in that. It has to be something that you are also good at and that the world finds valuable. I would love to go cycling all day, but the world does not find that valuable to the degree that I’m good at it (laughing). If you get really, really good at something, then it will almost certainly turn into your passion.”