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I posted to ixdsketches.com

Overhauling mobile.twitter.com from the ground up After some...

Overhauling mobile.twitter.com from the ground up

After some on-paper iterations and reviews with the design and mobile-web teams, we quickly jumped into HTML/CSS wireframes that we could begin playing with on targeted devices. Even a simple wireframe of a single view proved extremely valuable in setting the tone for the project. It made the product vision much more concrete and gave us a starting point for front-end work.

Read the full article on twitter’s blog.


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I posted to delicious.com

The Big Think: Breaking The Deliverables Habit


“Hiring a designer to create wireframes is like hiring a carpenter to swing a hammer. We all know that the hammer-swinging is not what matters: it’s the table, the cabinet, the deck. Clients don’t hire us to wield hammers, but to create fine furniture. It’s not the process they need or the tools, but the end result.”


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I posted to flickr.com

iPhone Design Annotions & Design Details

Used Omnigraffle to layout the polished and revised photoshop comps. The comps were then annotated to explain functionality and different scenarios related to the same screen.

This iteration is near the end of it's release cycle, which is why I have detailed visual designs.

This project started with research then sketches and wireframes and then Photoshop comps. Then I built a prototype in Keynote and did five usability studies after which I made tweaks (then tested them) and exported the comps into Omnigraffle to create the annotations for the development team.

From my blog, IxD Sketches.


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