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Design Quote

“What can be done if we speak truly and honestly to the audience of our work? Perhaps this changes the success metrics of design to more soft, meaningful qualities, like enthusiasm, engagement, and resonance. Reframing the practice [design] as something more than commerce and problem-solving lets us focus on fundamental issues about utility. It requires us to raise simple, difficult questions about our work, such as, “Does this help us to live well?”” - Excerpt from the introduction to The Shape of Design by author Frank Chimero


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Scroll Reverser for Mac OS X

Scroll Reverser is a free app for Mac OS X that reverses the direction of scrolling. You can use it with OS X Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard to make your scrolling match the 'natural scrolling' in Lion and Mountain Lion.

On OS X Lion and above, use it to customise scrolling behaviour beyond what is possible in system preferences, for example to reverse the mouse but not the trackpad. It is also useful for getting some Wacom tablets to scroll properly.


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