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I posted to quasarkitten.net

Use Automator to Auto-Install Widgets

I posted an article called Automated Dashboard Widget Installer on July 4th, 2007 about a workflow I wrote that automatically installs dashboard widgets for me. Leopard contains a new version of Automator which breaks my workflow. So I’ve created a new workflow for OSX 10.5 Leopard. The BOMAchiever in Leopard has seems to have been improved. In Tiger if I selected five or more .zip files it would choke when trying to unzip them all at once—at least on my system. Now that I’m running Leopard this has been fixed. So if you download ten widgets that are contained in .zip files, you can install them all at once. Instructions

Download the Install User Widget(s) workflow file Double-click to unzip it Double click the .workflow file which will open it in Automator Then Select Save as Plug-in—a dialog will pop-up Name the Plug-in (In the text field Save Plug-in As:) Make sure the Drop-down list is set to Finder (see Figure 1 below) Press Save

Figure 1 I have also created a video demo which shows how to use the workflow and how to install the .workflow file. You can watch the HD version on Vimeo if you to actually want be able to read the screen text.

Click on image to play video.Use Automator to Auto-Install Widgets

If you want to learn more about Automator or maybe just download some other workflows then check out automator.us. Automator.us is the personal website of Sal Soghoian who is the AppleScript product manager at Apple. If you head over to twit.tv, Sal has done some video podcasts showing some really cool things you can do with automator. Just do a search for automator to find the shows.

Install User Widget(s) by Zeke Franco is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

Based on a work at http://www.quasarkitten.net. quasarkitten.net | twitter.com/quasarkitten


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I posted to quasarkitten.net

Create a Lensbaby effect in Photoshop. (Video Tutorial)

Download HD 720p version in h.264 format. Right click the link and choose save as.Instructions for v.1Duplicate layer.Apply a radial blur [experiment with settings. For this image, I did a zoom effect at an amount of 15, quality set to best.]Then apply a layer mask to mask out what you don't want to be blurred.Instructions for v.2Duplicate layer.Apply a radial blur [experiment with settings. For this image, I did a zoom effect at an amount of 15, quality set to best.]Then apply a layer mask to mask out what you don't want to be blurred.Then duplicate the layer that you have applied the radial blur filter too.Set the mode to screen, mess with the layer opacity if needed. I left this one at 100%.Then I applied a radial filter set to SPIN, quality best, and amount to 6. and that's it.For a more dramatic effect you can use the dodge tool, smudge tool, and/or just use the smudge tool and set it to lighten to bring out certain parts or to make rays.I'm not saying this is the coolest image ever I'm just saying it's not worth paying $250 to get this effect when you can do it in photoshop in a minute. Unless of coarse your doing this effect on tons of images.Yes, I do know photoshop cost more then a lensbaby, but its assumed you have a quality image editor. If not you don't you can use the GIMP (free and open source image editor program. GIMP = GNU Image Manipulation Program). If someone wants I can do a tut on how to do it in the GIMP.quasarkitten.net | twitter.com/quasarkitten


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