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School Report

I am working on finishing up a report for school today. Basically I have to pick one of thirty different types of navigation styles and then describe the function–with relation to the navigation–of every HTML tag and CSS rule. This includes how one rule may relate to another or why one rule that would commonly be used isn’t. So far I’m on page four of the report.It’s actually fun, because it forces you to think about how each rule affects another. The one thing I’ve learned so far is if you use the CSS background declaration and you don’t specify the background-position in it, then the user agent will use the default of 0 0 (same as top left)—I knew that part. But if you do specify the horizontal position, but not the vertical position the user agent automatically changes the vertical position from top to center. ie.:{ background:inherit url(..images/image.png) repeat-x scroll 20px; }will be the same as{ background:inherit url(..images/image.png) repeat-x scroll 20px center; } even though if you would have done this: { background:inherit url(..images/image.png) repeat-x scroll; } it would be equal to this { background:inherit url(..images/image.png) repeat-x scroll top left; }I’ve tested this in IE6, Mozilla 2+, Safari 2 (as well as 3beta), Opera 9+ with all of them doing this. If anyone know why please let me know, I’m just curious, as it doesn’t cause any problem for me or my coding.quasarkitten.net | twitter.com/quasarkitten


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