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Post-it ScenariosScenarios are a great way to demonstrate how a...

Post-it Scenarios

Scenarios are a great way to demonstrate how a person (customer/user/specific persona) could work through a task in a specific context.I enjoy using post-its for scenarios of task-flows that haven’t quite been settled on. The post-its make it easy to add, remove and rearrange the plot points to form new stories. It’s also a great way to communicate how two or more scenarios differ. People can easily understand how the complexity of a scenario changes when you have to add five more post-its to the story to complete the same task.

Because these are rough sketches the people you’re working with will better understand that the solutions proposed by each scenario are pliable. This will result in better participation and feedback.The mantra on IxD Sketches is always that sketching is about approachable communication not creating art.


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