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Android UI Design Patterns: Hands on Open Source Android UI Libraries

“There's no better way to experiment how a UI library works than trying it hands on. Many UI library projects provide example apps that are great for exactly that. These apps will give you a good understanding about functionality in real life on real devices. If you're a dev you can present these examples to your designers and let them see what kind of functionality and interaction is available out of the box.”


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Web Anatomy: Interaction Design Frameworks that Work (Voices That Matter)

authors: Robert Hoekman Jr and Jared Spool

In Web Anatomy: Interaction Design Frameworks That Work, user experience experts Hoekman and Spool introduce “interaction design frameworks”, the third and final piece of what they call “The Reuse Trinity”, and resolve these issues once and for all. Frameworks are sets of design patterns and other elements that comprise entire systems, and in this game-changing book, Hoekman and Spool show you how to identify, document, share, use, and reap the benefits of frameworks. They also dive deep into several major frameworks to reveal how the psychology behind these standards leads not only to effective designs, but can also serve as the basis for cutting-edge innovations and superior user experiences.

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