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Branding in UX: It’s About Messaging & Experience

Branding (verb) is about communicating an organization’s messages and values. The brand (noun) is the personality of every aspect of the company a user interacts with. Personalities aren’t one dimensional. For example, a friend can be all of the following: fun to hang out with, annoying to work with, loyal in friendship, but reckless in romance and lastly they might be a real ass when arguing with. People aren’t just fun or angry, they are complex and behave in different ways depending on the situation. Companies, being made up of people, can suffer from the same problem—a lack of consistent and predictable behavior.

Savvy businesses will try to create a consistent experience through out the different touch points customers have with them. A great way to kill a brand is to set expectations of experience high during the selling process, then deliver a bad experience when it comes to support. Anyone consider Dell a great brand? Perhaps IT departments, since they get a more consistent experience than consumers do.

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