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Here you can find most of my what I’m doing around the Web. All of my series of tubes point here—at least the tubes with feeds.

I posted to delicious.com

Kim Goodwin – Developing Effective Scenarios

Combining storytelling with research data can help you craft realistic scenarios to guide your design process. Getting to know the specific needs of your users allows you to address any potential problems they may have. As a consultant, Kim Goodwin uses her experience and expertise in working with teams to develop effective scenarios. In this podcast, Kim discusses the role that scenarios play in the design process with Jared Spool.


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I posted to pinterest.com

Die-Cast 2-Slice Smart Toaster

You can definitely tell this was designed by a team of people who thought about the toasting process. It has a "Auto Lift and Look" button that allows you to see what color your toast is. It also has "A bit More" button that is timed to make the toast just a tad darker. Lastly, it has a great industrial design. $129


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I posted to quotesfordesigners.com

Design Quote

“Design […] is actually about taking an original idea and applying a point of view by translating it into presentable, tangible elements for ease of sharing with others.

No one typically cares how you got to the result—the battles, the compromises, the inspirations—they only know the final product.” - Design Is a Point of View: Seven Truths in Designing by Brett Lovelady


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