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Digital stalking made easy.

Here you can find most of my what I’m doing around the Web. All of my series of tubes point here—at least the tubes with feeds.

I posted to delicious.com

The Big Think: Breaking The Deliverables Habit


“Hiring a designer to create wireframes is like hiring a carpenter to swing a hammer. We all know that the hammer-swinging is not what matters: it’s the table, the cabinet, the deck. Clients don’t hire us to wield hammers, but to create fine furniture. It’s not the process they need or the tools, but the end result.”


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I posted to picocool.com

Polaroid SX-70

This guy sure must be responsible for some extra heartbeats per minute for some analog photography, instant film and Polaroid lovers.Photojojo is responsible for the limited edition of the Polaroid SX-70 camera. Original Polaroid cameras restored to perfect working condition.3 Vote(s)


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