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We Are Not The World: Why Americans Are the Weirdest People in the World

Given the data, they concluded that social scientists could not possibly have picked a worse population from which to draw broad generalizations. Researchers had been doing the equivalent of studying penguins while believing that they were learning insights applicable to all birds.


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Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

Amazing book. Shares a lot of good research around introversion and it's benefits. Explains why some people look forward to quiet and a small group of close friends and other look for parties and lots of friends. If you ever wondered why you feel uncomfortable with small talk as oppossed to meaningful conversation or why you enjoy the company of others, but dislike loud parties then this book will interest you. Or If you're into psychology and sociology I'd recommend the book.

  • Author: Susan Cain
  • Average rating: 4.06
  • Book published: 2010
  • Rating: 5


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I Hate Process. I Love Process. Slides from IXD12.

Presentation By Christina Persson & Joan Vermette.

As a designer, have you ever felt frustrated by having to break the creative process up into tiny task boxes that block the way to good design?

Have you ever felt frustrated by a lack of structure, leading to endless rework, crossed communication lines, and plain old wasted time?

There’s too much process in some cultures, and not enough in others. And we declare that we hate process or we love process, as though that were an immutable quality of our souls. But what do designers need?


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New York Street Advertising Takeover

"Finding it difficult to locate a strip of space free from any advertising, Jordan Seiler of Public Ad Campaign did some research and found many of the billboards around New York City are illegal. To propose an alternate use of these city spaces, Seiler organized the New York Street Advertising Takeover, a network of citizens set out to transform the spaces into their own works of art."See more photos of the takeover here on Flickr.20 Vote(s)


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