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Design Quote

“Observation is the pillar upon which our unhappiness perches. A deeper understanding and appreciation for how things work, and came to be, is the observer’s reward in life. What sets a designer apart from a ponderer is the will to affect change, to create, and to make better.

Our discontent is the basis for wanting to improve the things we observe.” - We’re Not Unhappy, We’re Designers | Morgan Knutson


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This is About Design With a Capital D

Sell the Product with the Packaging. Not just the Package.

This is a reminder that design isn’t just visuals. By design I referring the process of thoughtfully planning the creation of something. After research one of the first things that should be designed is the content. I’m not a writer, but that’s not a good excuse for starting a design with out content. If you’re not a writer than work with a content provider (writer, content strategist, copywriter, editor) to come up with a strategy to marry visuals and content. I’m tired of hearing designer ask how long the copy is because they want to make sure it fits in the box they designed. Too often as designers we are selling the packing and not the product. (I do believe copy should be pithy; but don’t just shorten it so it can fit into a design.) Do whatever you can to work with your content people from the beginning.


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